How do I stop feeling so overwhelmed?

Being detached from how you feel is one of the first signs of being overwhelmed. Simple questions seem impossible to answer and choices between the most mundane things suddenly rise up like mountains to climb. Read more
How can I have healthier relationships? There are healthy relationships in our lives and unhealthy relationships. Realising the difference can take you by surprise. Even asking yourself what relationships feel good in your life, are hard work or make you feel uneasy? Take your time exploring that question and even sit in front of the mirror and say a name and see your own facial reactions, feel your bodies response like tension or warmth. Read more How can I feel calmer? If you’re asking how to feel calmer in your life then your glass is overflowing. I often ask ‘ if you have a glass and it’s getting full with life such as tasks, responsibilities, stresses how full 1-10 is the glass?’ I often hear 11; its overflowing. This rush or too much going on in your life can result in the smallest thing just adding too much to the glass and suddenly you feel a 15 and can’t complete any tasks, or you’ve got angry, cross, tearful.

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How do I stop giving myself a hard time? Being amazing at everything and feeling and looking amazing gets you through life, but there is a cost. High standards, often a family motto or a school mantra growing up, can be very useful, and then you get older and more and more responsibility and everything cannot be achieved in a day, no matter how hard you try. Read more